Approach & Expertise


Increasingly, companies are streamlining their operations and focusing on core expertise. These companies seek a partner that can offer a complete range of services in the waste management sector. A partner that works as effectively in local markets as it does globally. That partner is JMI.

Being a partner is a major responsibility. In many cases, our customers are companies at the forefront of growth industries. Our task is to ensure that their investments yield the highest possible returns, by ensuring that their waste management functions perfectly, that it can be expanded effectively, so that production can begin more efficiently.


JMI's commitment and expertise are crucial factors in fulfilling - and often exceeding - the client's expectations. In many markets, repeat orders represent more than three quarters of our sales. We believe that this is the best testimony of all - the fact that our clients work with us time and again.

It is JMI's key responsibility to develop and maintain an economically sound and prosperous business. JMI as a business with a strong foothold and future assumes its responsibilities which include our commitment toward the country, communities and environments in which we operate, toward our employees and business partners and toward society in general.