Jaring Metal Industries (JMI) is a major establishment in the recycling business community, particularly electronic waste and scrap metal sector. Our waste management programs are designed to maximize the contribution that each individual can make to keep the environment from being seriously compromised.

JMI provides a comprehensive environmental service. Our programs are recognized by government agencies and businesses of all sizes as simple but highly efficient means to recycle waste products. Our recycling programs have more than doubled in the past year, a phenomenon we attribute to the honesty and integrity of the company and the efficiency of its recycling programs.

DOE is the governing body for environmental control in Malaysia. It is constituted under the Environmental Quality Act 1974 and serves the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia. For further information about DOE please refer to www.doe.gov.my

SW110 is an environmental quality code for scheduled waste derived from various type of electronic appliances containing various types of materials such as mercury, cadmium, nickel, chromium, lithium, silver and other minerals.